The Institute of Cancer Research, London

One of the world’s most influential cancer research organisations, making the discoveries that defeat cancer. Scientists and clinicians at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) are working every day to make a real impact on cancer patients' lives.



GeeWizz Charity is a very special small charity supporting children and young adults living with a life-threatening condition, a disability or cancer in and around Suffolk. The proportion of funds raised for GeeWizz from Giles’ flight will purchase a Sensory Magic Carpet for a special needs school in the community where he lives. This piece of equipment will aid the educational and sensory development of the SEN students at the school, with its over 400 interactive applications and games.


Farm Africa

An innovative charity that reduces poverty by unleashing African Farmers abilities to grow their incomes in an environmentally friendly way.

Fundraising target £60,000 which will be split; 50% to The Institute of Cancer, 25% to Geewizz & 25% to Farm Africa